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Modelling must haves this summer

Being a model is about discovering yourself. It is about creating new challenges... 

Tie styles to look for in a tie shop

A tie shop is a great shopping destination for men all across the globe. Why? Because... 

Eat your heart- The Most Expensive Designer Handbags

I know, I know, you are looking for cheap ones and not the most expensive…... 

Tips to buy cute handbags

Apart from being essential utility items for ladies, cute handbags are also important... 

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Haute on Handbags: A Designer Handbag Haul

Toni Duclottni is showing in this video a large part of her personal handbag collection,... 

How does a hair removal cream work?

Most of the energy generated for public consumption the world is through bio fuels... 

Why are designer purses so popular?

Designer purses are not utility items or convenience items. Designer purses are much... 

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Tips to choose women’s leather boots

Leather boots have been all-time favorites of women since long and till today the rage for them has not gone down by an inch. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes love to wear leather boots and in accordance to that, there are choices available for everyone. But how to take your pick? Here are some tips. Choose your type Women’s leather boots are now... [Read more of this review]

Jumpsuit Tilkvinder – A new fashion in the female world!

Pretty in pink and cute in crop tops, fashion is what drives the species with the oestrogen forward. Does this nail polish match, do my shoes look good, is my hair overdone, all such questions rage all day in mind. But the biggest question of all, what do I wear today??? How many ever dresses a woman’s wardrobe may carry, this question never fades... [Read more of this review]

How to Identify Authentic Designer Handbags

We all want to buy designer handbags for less, but less can be too much if the handbag we bought turns out to be a fake one. So here is an article I found on Wikihow that can help you identify an authentic designer handbag in order to avoid such incidents. How to Identify Authentic Designer Handbags from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can... [Read more of this review]

Top 40 new designer bags

The top 40 new designer handbags that was picked by the team.  Read More →

Tree Made of Designer Handbags

Jennifer Cooke from the Beverly wilshare in Beverly Hills California presents a christmans tree made from designer handbags. A report by AP’s reporter John Mone.  Read More →

How to Identify an Authentic Chanel Handbag

Learn how you can immediately identify whether the Chanel handbag that you want to buy is real or a fake  Read More →

How do online sellers sell designer handbags for less?

Designer handbags are never bought for their cost value; they are always bought for their brand value. Brand recognition of the products and accessories are very essential for people who are fashion conscious. They do not mind paying more for any accessory as long as it can help them make a fashion statement with the public. But, no one would like to... [Read more of this review]

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